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Q&A: The Girls Bathroom on podcasting and the future, as the show reaches 10 million all-time listens

Q&A: The Girls Bathroom on podcasting and the future, as the show reaches 10 million all-time listens

The Girls Bathroom is part of the Acast Creator Network


The Girls Bathroom is a podcast all about dilemmas, trying to make sense of the people who waste our time and make our lives more difficult. Part of the Acast Creator Network, the show has just hit 10 million all-time listens.

To mark their massive milestone, we spoke to hosts Sophia and Cinzia about podcasting, connecting with listeners, and everything in between.

How would you describe your podcast?

“Just us girls chatting like we all do in the girls bathroom. Sharing our dilemmas, talking about boys, friendships, situation-ships, and just trying to help each other out.”

Why did you start it?

“We had a series on our YouTube channel where we’d ask our viewers to send in their relationship and friendship dilemmas. The videos always had a great response so we felt like it was only natural to move this series over to the podcasting world.”

What’s your favourite thing about podcasting?

“We don’t have to get ready — we can sit there in our pyjamas with no makeup on and no one is any the wiser!”

How does podcasting compare with making YouTube videos?

“We love that, every Wednesday, The Girls Bathroom listeners all come together and tune in without fail. It’s like one big therapy session that’s a part of all of our weekly routines.”

You’ve just hit 10 million all-time listens — what advice would you have for anyone aiming for something similar?

“We’ve definitely learned that consistency is key! Releasing a new episode every week without fail is vital when you’re trying to build a dedicated audience.”

Who’s been your favourite guest so far?

“Conna Walker was an amazing guest for us, we look up to her in so many ways so for her to be involved in one of our projects was a dream come true.”

Who would be your dream guest?

“Our dream guest would have to be Kim Kardashian. She is a true girl boss across so many areas, and has built such an incredible empire.”

Have you guested on any other podcasts?

“We’ve had so much fun collab-ing with the Private Parts podcast. We have such a laugh with Jamie and Francis, it’s always so natural.”

Do you find you have a ‘typical’ listener, or is your audience varied?

“The majority of our listeners are just like us: young females going through their late teens/early twenties — but it’s always so nice to see a few guys writing in!”

What’s your relationship like with your listeners?

“It’s just like we’re all one big friendship group trying to navigate our lives together.”

Do you do anything to connect with them beyond the podcast itself?

“For sure! Over on The Girls Bathroom Instagram we try to connect with listeners on their daily.

“We’re also taking The Girls Bathroom on a seven-date tour this November! We can’t wait to do our live podcast from the stage, connect and meet some of our fans.”

For tour dates and tickets, click here.

What tips do you have on using social media to promote your podcast?

“Be as active as possible on all social channels. We promote our podcast multiple times a week across all channels — YouTube, Insta, and so on.”

What made you decide to start working with Acast?

“We knew Acast were the perfect team to help us start our podcasting journey. They gave us the most valuable tips, from marketing to structuring our episodes, and have matched us with some amazing sponsors who are so relevant to our audience. We couldn’t have done it without them!”

What’s next for The Girls Bathroom?

“We’re so excited to be going on tour at the end of this year — and we may also have a few secret projects in the works which we know our audience will love.”

The Girls Bathroom is part of the Acast Creator Network, and is hosted, distributed and monetized by Acast. Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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