A tribute to Barry Cryer

A tribute to Barry Cryer


British comedic royalty Barry Cryer took his first steps into podcasting at the end of 2021 with the show Now, Where Were We?, co-hosting alongside his son, actor and writer Bob Cryer.

The podcast provides a unique insight into their family life, as the two sit down for a pint and a proper catch-up with some iconic names — including Stephen Fry, Danny Baker and Miriam Margoyles.

For more than sixty years, Barry wrote for some of the greatest names in British comedy: Morecambe and Wise, Tommy Cooper, Kenny Everett, Frankie Howerd, Spike Milligan, The Two Ronnies and Les Dawson. Since 1972, he was a panelist on the BBC Radio 4 comedy show I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, and has been a guest on This Is Your Life.

Barry, who sadly passed away in January, is a beloved household name to generations of comedy lovers, and you’d struggle to find anyone who was involved in British comedy for longer or at a higher level.

Today’s episode with musician, entertainer, actor and raconteur Joe Brown is one of the last that will be published featuring Barry. And, in a fitting tribute to his legacy and his short — but oh-so sweet — journey in podcasting, here Bob shares a few words on recording the show together.

Although this is the end of the journey for these podcasts, a special episode of tributes to Dad from some of the people we wanted to speak to, is already in the works. So look out for that in the coming weeks.

Dad leaves behind him a legacy of fun, joy, love and silliness that we’ll all be doing our best to maintain in our other work. As this podcast series showed, though, he regularly told fantastic stories and anecdotes about others, but — because he was loved and admired by so many — we felt the best way to honour him was by getting some of the many brilliant and fascinating people he’s worked with and knew to tell stories about him.

My family and I, Mum Terry, Brothers Tony and Dave and my sister Jack (who you can hear on the theme tune to this podcast as part of The Kites — along with her husband Matt and great friend Mark) thought long and hard about when to release the final two conversations in this series. We decided to leave enough time to get our heads around the fact he was gone, but not so long that the need to celebrate his unique spirit waned. Although there’s very little chance of that happening any time soon!

Dad loved making these podcasts and the truth is he didn’t really have to change a thing about who he was or the way he spoke when we made them. They tailored to his unique wit and personality. This was Barry in his natural habitat, in his element, if you will — just swapping stories with some of his favourite people. It’s been an absolute pleasure bringing them to your ears. I’m just so happy we got to do them when we did.

He may no longer be with us, but the stories, the jokes, the memories, all the silliness, including that laugh... will bring a smile to our faces for many many years to come.

Bob Cryer

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