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Working at Acast is more than just a job. We’re leading an audio revolution – and you could, too.

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Working at Acast is more than just a job. We’re leading an audio revolution – and you could, too.

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The cornerstone of our business

It all starts with our people, and therefore culture is our number one priority as a business. We encourage you to bring your true, authentic self when you come to work.

In order to achieve our mission, we actively encourage openness, communication, and collaboration. When we work together as a team, we are stronger and can accomplish great innovation.

Our goal is to foster a humble and compassionate environment, in which everyone feels recognized, included, and welcomed. It is important for us that the culture of our company mirrors our product - every voice is heard.

We have a wide variety of lifestyles, which is why we do everything we can to give you the support you need for a healthy balance in life and the freedom to adapt to remote work and flexible working hours.

Career and Growth

Shape the podcast industry in a dynamic, creative and fun working environment

Acast is the world’s largest independent podcast company and a rapidly growing business. We have teams in a number of different locations across the globe and we are all continuously exploring and finding new ways to support our users in the best way possible.

We’re constantly expanding into new markets and increasing the diversity of our employees, content creators, listeners, and advertisers from different parts of the world.

With a growing company comes a lot of career opportunities. We care for your internal progression and professional development and have a process to enable you to achieve your career goals. Together with your manager you will have regular follow-ups and close conversations in order to set clear professional- and development goals. Everyone has the freedom to truly influence our business through their individual performance — bringing tangible, positive change to Acast and the wider podcast industry.

Become an Acaster

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Love for podcasts

We’re proud to be a part of a booming industry - the audio revolution.

We unite through our passion for podcasts and our drive for wanting to improve and create new exciting products.

Acast’s purpose is to give everybody the ability to share their story. We give a voice to people from all corners, communities and cultures of the world — and we’re proud that our product allows us to do this.

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