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Product updates — August 2022

Product updates — August 2022

All the latest product updates from Acast


One-time payments now available

Acast+ has expanded to let you offer one-time purchases to your audience. If you're not ready to commit to a monthly membership, this is a great alternative to still get paid for your content. With one-time payments you can offer:

  • Individual episodes or episode bundles
  • Access to a full season so fans can pay to binge it before everyone else
  • Non-podcast audio content like courses, audiobooks, stand-up sets, live recordings, and much more.

Setting up one-time payments is the same easy process as for subscription tiers, and you can offer both memberships and one-time purchases at the same time. Learn more about how it works here.

Add another show — for free 💸

Big news — you now have the ability to add a new show to your account for no additional fee. You can start a new show from scratch or redirect an existing show from another hosting provider.

Add a store link to your website

You can now add a store link to your Acast podcast website. This can link out to any website, including merch stores and Amazon affiliate pages. Go to Website > Links > Monetization Links from your dashboard to get started.

Track unique listeners per episode

We've added the ability to see unique listeners at the episode level in addition to the show level. Remember, this is different from total downloads as we use device and user agent data to account for repeat listening.

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