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Get to know the Acast Embed Player

Get to know the Acast Embed Player


Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or brand new to the craft, chances are you have a healthy obsession with making sure your show is easily found by all your potential listeners. In fact, we know that 40% of people find out about new podcasts by searching the web rather than directly on listening apps — a method of discovery second only to recommendations from friends and family.

The best way to introduce someone to your show isn’t through words, but through your podcast audio itself — so it’s important anyone searching gets instant access to your show and all your episodes. Thankfully, the Acast embed player is on hand.

An embeddable web player, known throughout podcasting as an ‘embed player’, operates outside of a podcast app – it’s like a portable player for your show, and can be added right onto a web page or into a tweet, with the ability for someone to listen and subscribe right then and there. The Acast embed player gives listeners full access to your entire podcast, specific episode, or playlist of episodes. 

Acast’s embed player combines a sleek, customizable design with a great listener experience and user-friendly features to make for one of the most effective web players around. 

Customizable and simple

An embed player code might look intimidating if you’ve never seen one before, but don’t sweat. There’s a few easy ways to use it – and, once you’ve added it to a website, it’ll automatically update. 

Our built-in presets help you quickly select the right look and feel for your player. You can customize:

  • Size
  • Color, including a light and dark theme
  • Fonts
  • Number of episodes
  • Order of episodes

The “Colors from Podcast Cover” preset quickly creates a beautiful gradient background based on the color of (you guessed it) your cover art. We know consistent branding across platforms is important, so we made it easy to match the embed player to wherever you share it. 

Built for listeners

We built an eye-popping but sophisticated embed player that draws listeners in and encourages them to take action — whether that’s subscribing, sharing, or listening to the episode later on.

Listeners can customize the playback speed, skip or rewind the episode, and share it to a variety of platforms. The sleek design allows for multiple listener features without making the player look crowded. 

Sometimes, when scrolling the web, a potential listener may stumble upon your embed player on your website or that of a collaborator, but not be in a position to listen at that very moment. With the “Listen Later” feature, they can simply email themselves a reminder to tune back in at a later time. 

“Listen Later” is one of our most popular embed features, helping to retain and engage interested new listeners by ensuring they have an easy way to bookmark and return to a show. 

Embed anywhere

The Acast embed player also gives you the flexibility to share your show wherever and however you want. Whether it’s on social media or directly on a Wordpress or Squarespace site, a simple copy-and-paste code can be used across a multitude of platforms. 

Our Twitter integration allows you to instantly tweet out the embed player to your audience. This allows listeners to press play and sample your show without leaving Twitter.

The responsive design ensures that, regardless of the device listeners are using, the embed player looks and sounds great. 

The Acast embed player is just one of the many powerful tools available to help Acast podcasters grow their audience. Not yet on Acast? Join Us to get access to one of the top podcast growth and management platforms. 

Already on Acast and want to learn more about using the embed player? Read more about using Acast's Embed Player to grow your audience.

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