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Acast launches Spanish-language podcast series Anatomía del Podcast

Acast launches Spanish-language podcast series Anatomía del Podcast

Across five episodes, Anatomía del Podcast equips budding podcasters with everything they need to start and grow their own show


Acast, the world’s leading independent podcast company, has launched a new Spanish-language show to help budding podcasters break into the industry. Produced by Acast México, Anatomía del Podcast walks listeners through the podcast process, equipping them with the tools and strategies they need to launch and grow their own show. 

The five-episode series is hosted by experienced podcasters Mauricio Cabrera (The Coffee) and Diana Martinez (Un Café con Diana), who both host their shows with Acast. The series aims to address the lack of Spanish-language shows that cover how to make your own podcast, leveling the playing field for Spanish speakers worldwide.

Each episode relates to a different facet of the human body, covering everything you need to know about podcasting.

Episode 1: The skeleton

Getting to grips with the basics — different podcast formats, how RSS works, the lowdown on hosting, hardware and software.

Episode 2: The soul

Nailing the essence of your show — your concept, audience, tone and style, podcast name and artwork.

Episode 3: The lungs

Growing your podcast — promotion, social media and PR.

Episode 4: The heart

Finding inspiration — overcoming creative block, and finding motivation to keep podcasting on a regular basis.

Episode 5: The brain

Monetization — all you need to know about ads, sponsorship, branded content and paid subscriptions, and what to expect revenue-wise.

Listeners are also encouraged to visit, where they can download a free toolkit with even more best-practice advice — and get a code for three months’ free access to Acast’s ‘Influencer’ hosting tier.

Episode 1 of Anatomía del Podcast is out now. 

Sergio Dominguez, Managing Director at Acast Mexico said: “There aren’t many Spanish-language podcasts about making podcasts, which puts Mexican and Latin American people at a disadvantage when it comes to breaking into the industry — so we wanted to fix that. Through Mauricio and Diana’s experienced voices, we’re giving listeners everything they need to start, grow, and hopefully make money from their own podcast. 

“We liked the idea of understanding and studying every detail that goes into the making of a successful podcast. The concept of a show’s ‘anatomy’ was the perfect way to translate the feeling that a podcast is a living thing — it keeps changing and growing, and there are all these different but equally important parts working in unison behind the scenes.”

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