New features and product improvements for podcasters

New features and product improvements for podcasters


Paid subscriptions and memberships through Acast+

Acast+, which can be found under the new Monetize tab, lets you offer exclusive and ad-free content to your listeners in exchange for a monthly fee. It’s a great way to offer more value to your listeners and get additional revenue, and it works seamlessly with how you already publish episodes.

Interested in setting up a membership program for your show? We’ve put together a checklist of everything to consider.

Beautiful audio-to-video clips with Headliner

Headliner makes it easy to promote your podcast with video, from audiograms to captioned videos and more. If you’re on one of our paid plans, such as Influencer or Ace, you get unlimited access to hundreds of eye-catching templates.

Headliner can be accessed via the “Videos” button in your published episodes page. Click here to learn more about how to use Headliner to promote your show.

Create and share curated playlists

We've added support for curated playlists to your embed player. This gives you a new and easy way to showcase special content. You can make themed playlists, showcase your greatest hits, or present a full season of your show. The player is customizable and responsive across devices, giving both first-time and returning listeners a great experience.

Have a look at the beautiful playlist on The Frae's website for inspiration.

More data and easier navigation in your Insights dashboard

We've changed the names of some tabs in the Insights dashboard to make it easier to see where downloads are coming from.

  • Sources ---> Podcast Players
  • Clients ---> Apps
  • Referrals ---> Websites

We updated how Listen-Through Rate (LTR), which shows you what percentage of listeners finish a particular episode, is calculated. We lowered the listens threshold, which uses listens from the embed player and Acast App, from 100 to 10. This means more shows will now see a LTR. 🎉

Lifetime Downloads have also been added. These reflect the total number of downloads since your show has been on Acast.

Finally, we've added a "Type" column to help you differentiate between public episodes and exclusive episodes offered through Acast+.

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