DMEXCO 2023: Acast's Exploration of Podcasting and Advertising

DMEXCO 2023: Acast's Exploration of Podcasting and Advertising

Written by Will ScanlonAutomation Manager, International2023.10.02

DMEXCO, a prominent event in the world of digital marketing, made its highly-anticipated return in 2023, and Acast was front and center, ready to contribute to the dynamic realms of podcasting and advertising. This event provided Acast with a valuable platform to engage with industry peers, foster new collaborations, and acquire fresh perspectives on the future of the sector.

Key Takeaways from DMEXCO 2023

  • Optimism Amid Economic Challenges

One of the standout takeaways from DMEXCO 2023 was the unwavering sense of optimism during a challenging economic period. Despite job cuts in the tech sector, attendees remained hopeful about the industry’s future. There is a collective belief that the market will experience a positive turnaround, with Q1 2024 earmarked as a potential turning point. 

  • CTV Dominance

Connected TV (CTV) emerged as a pivotal topic of discussion. The synergy between CTV and podcasting became a focal point, driven by the on-demand nature of both platforms. Conversations revolved around the idea that reallocating CTV budgets to podcasts and audio channels could yield more effective results. This recognition of the interplay between CTV and podcasting is poised to reshape advertising strategies.

  • Influential Connections 

DMEXCO 2023 demonstrated the power of networking and relationship-building in shaping the future of podcasting and advertising. Our discussions with DSP partners revealed a growing interest in co-pitching strategies in international markets. This development aligns with the increasing demand for audio in omni-channel offerings, where Acast’s capabilities and scale shine. We were also able to engage with 40+ professionals from various agencies under GroupM's umbrella, opening doors for future collaborations and partnerships, and bolstering innovation and growth in the industry.

  • Insightful Sessions and Workshops

Acast’s VP of AdTech Solutions, Michael Bayston, alongside GroupM and AdTonos, engaged in discussion about the evolving landscape of digital audio advertising and shared insights from the recently released digital audio evolution report from GroupM and IAB Europe. A video of the session can be found here

  • Changing Perspectives and Approaches

The event’s efficiency, characterised by stacked agendas and highly productive meetings, reinforced the value of in-person interactions. Additionally, the focus on emerging trends like CTV, sustainability, AI, eCommerce, and Influencer Marketing prompted Acast to contemplate how these trends could be seamlessly integrated into the podcasting world through strategic partnerships with ad tech companies.

  • Looking Forward 

The inquiries received at DMEXCO 2023, particularly those concerning critical topics like measurement and attribution, creative aspects of podcast advertising, programmatically offered advertising formats, and the granularity achievable in targeting across our advertising portfolio demonstrated how podcast advertising has become a significant player in the sector, but there is still education work to be done. 

The growing importance of podcasting in the advertising landscape only fuels our commitment to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our industry and partners. DMEXCO 2023 was a pivotal event, whereby we nurtured and formed partnerships that extend our reach and influence to markets ranging from the UK and Germany to France, the US, MENA, and APAC. It set the stage for continued growth and excellence in podcasting and advertising and we look forward to DMEXCO 2024.