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An Evening with Good Dramma: Insights from Rome

An Evening with Good Dramma: Insights from Rome

Written by Romane FuentesAssociate Development Manager, International2024.06.14

Attending the premiere of the "Good Dramma" podcast and networking event in Rome, Italy earlier this year provided a deep dive into the evolving landscape of podcasting in this market. Organised by Laura Eisenstein, podcast producer, and creator, the event highlighted emerging trends and facilitated meaningful conversations among industry insiders. Here are some key takeaways and reflections:

Laura Eisenstein, the founder of Good Dramma, took center stage to announce the launch of two new podcasts: Er traffico de Roma and Why Are You in Rome. She also revealed her plans to produce a podcast for Marina Bittencourt, a renowned fashion blogger. Laura's dedication to nurturing new voices and providing a platform for diverse stories was truly inspiring.

She highlighted the human factor and comprehensive support provided by Acast and shared her plan to create podcast activations and events across Rome, collaborating with local institutions. In all that she does, she emphasised how important it is in Italy to bring together as many creators as possible. 

Another highlight was the conversation with Simone Damiani, the former Vois Content Manager. Simone emphasised that "Content is king" and discussed the critical role of networking in Italy’s podcast ecosystem. His insights into the necessity of allocating more resources to independent creators resonated deeply with the audience.

Emerging Trends Identified in Podcasting

  • Comedy and Crime genres continue to captivate listeners, along with Journalist Investigations and Personal Development podcasts.
  • The rise of TikTok as a platform for discovering new podcasting talent was noted as a significant development.
  • The Dominance of Publishing Houses. The podcasting scene in Italy is increasingly influenced by publishing houses. Their established networks and resources allow them to dominate the national landscape, creating a bridge between traditional media and the podcast industry.

Challenges and Opportunities Presented in Podcasting

  • There is a noticeable gap in dedicated platforms for discovering what's new and trendy in the national podcast world.
  • The transition from other media to podcasting presents an untapped potential for converting influential voices.
  • Financial viability remains a concern, with many creators hesitant to commit without guaranteed income.
  • Italy’s strong advertising culture could be leveraged better, but there's a need for greater education on diverse business models, including dynamic ad insertion.

What was clear from this event is that there is a palpable desire to create and innovate in Italy. With the right support, resources, and strategic initiatives, the future of podcasting looks incredibly promising.