Acast named to top podcast sales networks ranker in US market

Acast named to top podcast sales networks ranker in US market

Podtrac launches inaugural Sales Network Ranking, listing Acast second and bringing transparent measurement to podcast industry

Written by Christiana BrentonUS Director of Sales and Brand Partnerships at Acast2022.10.19

$1 billion in 2021. 

Over $2 billion in 2022. 

Surpassing $4 billion by 2024.

We’ve all seen the numbers and, in some ways, even come to expect the consistent upward ticks that are emblematic of the trajectory of the rapidly growing podcast advertising industry in the US market. However, what we as an industry have been lacking is a transparent way to measure the competitive landscape for the media buyers, who are arguably the most important part of the sales equation. 

Until now.

Today, Podtrac, which since 2016 has been the trusted monthly ranker for Top Podcasts and Top Podcast Publishers, announced the launch of its inaugural Podcast Sales Network Ranking. At launch, Acast notches second in the entire US podcast advertising market.

This new ranker from Podtrac showcases the reach and delivery of podcast networks that provide advertising options to the industry across all the shows they represent. Each month, advertisers will now have access to the most up to date reach and delivery information for the top sales networks in the industry. With these valuable data and insights, advertisers will now be able to make the most informed decisions about how to improve their brand reach through the power of podcast advertising.

The debut of this new sales ranker comes at a pivotal moment for the media industry at large, as economic woes and shrinking budgets increase the pressure on marketers to prove the value in their investments. As a top contender on this list, Acast delivers fullscope advertising solutions for brands and media buyers regardless of budget size or respective industry of the advertiser. 

What’s more is that Acast not only has the team of sales experts to determine what advertising strategy is right for each brand and budget, but we also have more than 66,000 podcasts across the Acast Network to pair with advertising campaigns. From long form creative brand storytelling, like the recently launched Roundabout podcast presented by State Farm, to dynamically inserted ads, to host-read sponsorships, Acast has the products and services to meet the demands of any advertising campaign. 

As a leading podcast sales network (top two in the US!), Acast is also home to premier targeting tools that enable brands to reach core audiences like never before. With our suite of Conversational Targeting capabilities, advertisers can target conversations in entirely brand-safe ways that create more opportunities to connect with listeners and, importantly, generate more money for our podcasters. We also enable opportunities for advertisers to invest in niche communities through geo-targeting with our Sponsorship+ offering.

In my time at Acast, I have had the opportunity to work directly in three of our major markets around the world – Australia, the UK, and now the US. Time and time again I have witnessed that one of the greatest values Acast is able to provide to advertisers is the breadth of podcasts on our network. With 66,000 shows globally, Acast enables advertisers to tap into new and unduplicated audiences to tell their brand stories.

At Acast, we have always known that podcast advertising is massive, rapidly growing, and a place of opportunity for brands and podcasters alike. But now, with the Podtrac Sales Network Ranking, podcast advertising is now an even more transparent industry.

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