The Rest Is Politics LIVE

The Rest Is Politics LIVE

Written by Nick HarnettMarketing Manager, UK/IE2022.12.16

The rise of The Rest Is Politics this year has been remarkable. Despite starting less than a year ago (March 2022), the twice-weekly political roundup has guided us through one of the strangest years in British politics.

The podcast celebrated its inaugural year with a live show at the Royal Albert Hall this week. In less than twelve months, this humble podcast - often recorded by the hosts Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart in airports, hotels, on dog walks etc. - can now command a live crowd of little over 5000 people, on a cold December night, amidst many train strikes.

There is something to be said for the simplicity of a live podcast recording. The medium benefits from engaged audiences, often listening in intimate environments. Translating that atmosphere to one of the most famous venues in London is no mean feat. Still, The Rest Is Politics managed it subtly. For 90 minutes, it was Rory and Alaistair doing what they do best - talking, ribbing, and questioning the latest headlines. There was no need for any special guests, no special effects. Besides using a big screen for the occasional in-joke or question, it was a masterclass in the demonstration of a podcast.

We know that most podcast fans want to see their favourite show live. In fact, four out of five (81%) listeners would like to see a live podcast show, and 71% of listeners want to see content from their favourite creators across multiple platforms.

The Rest Is Politics aren't the only creators exploring the live space. This year shows like Fearne Cotton's Happy Place, Off Menu, and That Peter Crouch Podcast has sold out tours and arenas. Next year creators like Sh**ged Married Annoyed, Undr The Cosh, and The Girls Bathroom have already announced live show dates. And, of course, RHLTSP with Richard Herring is entering its 11th year of weekly live shows at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Going 'beyond the podcast' is a way for podcasts to connect with their fans and engage with broader audiences. It's a way for creators to explore live feedback, celebrate milestones and meet their listeners face-to-face.

It's also a way for brands to continue to support the conversation in other ways. For example, is one of your favourite podcasters planning a tour, and you'd like to help support with branded content or other messaging? Contact our Sales Team - - for the latest opportunities.

Long live the live show format, and long live The Rest Is Politics.